Magellan Health is a health insurance company that has been serving individuals and families for the past 40 years. The company manages the fastest-growing, most expensive areas of healthcare to improve health outcomes for Americans. Magellan Health has experienced extensive growth over the last few decades, helping over 33 million people, or 1 out of 10 Americans.

Magellan Health focuses on four key areas: clinical excellence, inspired insights, human-focused technologies and personalized health. With this in mind, the company has taken things to the next level by not only covering addiction treatment services but also offering behavioral health programs. With nearly half of substance abusers suffering from mental illness, it’s imperative that both addiction treatment and mental health treatment coexist.

If you or a loved one has Magellan Health insurance, you can get some coverage for quality substance abuse treatment services. To learn about what’s covered under your select policy, call Magellan Health or call the admissions coordinators at Montco Recovery Center. We’re happy to answer your questions, review your benefits and verify your insurance. Our experienced and compassionate coordinators can be reached at 215-398-1888.

Magellan Health’s Extensive Provider Network

It’s reassuring to see that more and more insurance companies are viewing addiction as a mental health disorder that requires comprehensive treatment. At one point, addiction was looked at as a moral choice or character flaw, and therefore, individuals and families were left paying for treatment services on their own. As more people get the help they need, we can significantly reduce the economic burdens on society that come from drug and alcohol abuse.

Magellan Health specializes in behavioral health. One of the key areas they focus on is substance abuse treatment. To provide the correct services to individuals, Magellan Health maintains a network of over 77,000 partners, including addiction treatment centers, medical detox facilities and mental health professionals that specifically treat dual diagnosis.

Aside from this extensive network, Magellan Health also offers a variety of programs to help those struggling with substance abuse assimilate into society. These programs include employee assistance programs, integrated behavioral health programs, early detection programs and programs for children living with addicted parents. To learn more about these programs and how to qualify, visit

Understanding Your Level of Care

Magellan Health offers various insurance plans to fit your unique needs. Your specific plan will dictate how much will be covered and for how long. Also, Magellan Health has partnerships with other providers, so this can impact how much of your treatment services are covered. In order to receive contributions from Magellan, you must meet your deductible and pay all other set fees and copays.

To learn more about what’s covered under your plan, visit the contact page on Magellan’s website.

Are Out-of-Network Providers Covered?

Generally speaking, in-network providers tend to get more coverage from Magellan Health than out-of-network providers. This doesn’t mean that you can’t seek treatment from an out-of-network rehab center, but it’s possible that you’ll have higher out-of-pocket costs. If you’ve found a treatment facility that is out-of-network but a good fit, the best approach is to weigh all of the costs and determine if you can afford it.

It’s possible that you could have a plan that only covers in-network providers. If this is the case, you’ll need to stick to those in your network, otherwise you will be responsible for all of the care. On the other end, you might have a plan that lets you choose the treatment center you want, regardless of whether it’s in-network or out-of-network. Again, it’s important to do your research and find the highest quality treatment for your money.

As a whole, Magellan Health tends to cover substance abuse treatment more extensively than other insurance providers. The company is known for its behavioral and specialty health solutions, so they are understanding of which services should be covered in order for a person to recover from their addiction.

Here are a few examples of the treatment services covered under Magellan Health:

  • Medically supervised drug and alcohol detox
  • Family, group and individual counseling
  • Withdrawal medications
  • Inpatient rehabilitation
  • Outpatient rehabilitation
  • Dual-diagnosis treatment
  • Transitional care

Montco Recovery Center Works with Magellan Health

Montco Recovery Center accepts most insurance plans, including those from Magellan Health. We offer three levels of care: partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and outpatient. Our treatment services are cost-effective and tailored to each individual’s needs.

Here is more information on each level of care.

  • Partial hospitalization. This program offers five hours of treatment five days a week, with a minimum of 20 hours a week. We recommend this program to those who are struggling with substance abuse and need daily support while being close to their family.
  • Intensive outpatient program. Our IOP provides three hours of treatment for three days a week. This program helps recovering addicts manage a successful recovery and is generally followed after PHP.
  • General outpatient. General outpatient care helps recovering addicts stay sober and moving forward in their recovery goals. Each week, clients are offered an individual and group counseling session.

Clients are not staying overnight at our facility, which allows them the freedom and flexibility to return home to loved ones at the end of the day. This also helps control costs, as individuals and families are not responsible for room and meal expenses. You are only paying for care from trusted professionals as well as evidence-based treatment services.

When weighing the costs of treatment, you must also consider the true cost of addiction. It’s always more expensive to continue using drugs and alcohol. It costs to use these substances, and eventually, addicts run into other problems such as DUIs, incarceration, custody disputes, lost income and more. And, some things you can’t put a price on, such as your mental and physical health.

To learn more about what your Magellan Health insurance plan covers, contact Montco Recovery Center today. Our coordinators will verify insurance and give you a comprehensive report on what services are covered under your plan. This way, you can help understand what you will have to pay out of pocket for our services. Call us today. Your call is 100% confidential. Montco Recovery Center is not contracted with Magellan Health, therefore bills Magellan Health for services at an out-of-network rate.