There are many tools that can improve the experience on the road to wellness: medication, counseling (therapy), social support and education. Therapy, for example, can take many forms, from learning relaxation skills to intensively reworking your thinking patterns. Social support, acceptance and encouragement from friends, family and others, can also make a difference. Education about how to manage a mental health condition along with other medical conditions can provide the skills and support to enrich the unique journey toward overall recovery and wellness.

Together with a treatment team you can develop a well-rounded and integrated recovery plan that may include counseling, medications, support groups, education programs and other strategies that work for you. Montco Recovery Center believes that every person who seeks mental health treatment should be provided with the opportunity and the coping skills necessary to achieve success. We respect and honor our clients’ commitment to their health and well-being by treating them, their families and our team members with the utmost care and respect.

To effectively treat mental health disorders, we take a holistic approach to improving a client’s health and wellness, empowering them to take an active role in developing their treatment program. We make recommendations on medication and psychotherapies (talk therapy) based on our evaluation and experience.

Our treatment philosophy allows us to provide our clients one-on-one attention, personalized therapy and compassionate care. Montco Recovery Center implements a variety of therapies, including:

Group Therapy

Medication Education

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Family Therapy

Coping Skills

Individual Therapy

Trauma Therapy

Mindfulness and Meditation

DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)