Montco Recovery Center specializes in treating individuals who struggle with substance use. We offer a variety of programming that can start you on the path to long term recovery.


Starting outpatient drug rehab Pennsylvania can be overwhelming but we can help!

  • Each person will start the process by meeting with a Master’s level clinician who will complete a 2 hour biopsychosocial assessment in order to devise the best treatment plan
  • The clinician will recommend the individual to start with either Partial Hospitalization Programming (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP)
  • The treatment plan can range from 9-30 hours per week depending on need
  • Medication Assisted Treatment is available as a tool for ongoing recovery from substances
  • Psychiatric medications are available to help with mental health

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Schedule:

  • Intensive structure to provide ongoing stability after step down from inpatient drug rehab or transition from community
  • Schedule is Monday through Friday 9am-3pm including daily lunch
  • Includes individual, family and group therapy
  • Treatment plan focuses on:
    • Accepting feedback
    • Identifying defense mechanisms
    • Finding gratitude
    • Exploring meditation and yoga for recovery
    • Employing recovery life balance
    • Handling emotions
    • Learning about the Big Book
    • Exploring trust
    • Understanding of mental health diagnosis
    • Relapse prevention
    • Identifying triggers
    • Exploring values
    • Identifying how substance use alters value systems
    • Pursuing recovery goals
    • Exploring spirituality
    • Working on acceptance
    • Dealing with guilt and shame associated with addiction
    • Self forgiveness
    • Learning about humility
    • Identifying and managing fears
    • Working through outside system stressors

Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP) Schedule:

  • We offer 3, 4 or 5 DAYS of IOP to allow for increased support
  • AM group is offered 9-12pm Monday through Friday
  • PM group is offered 6-9pm Monday through Thursday
  • Individual therapy is offered weekly or biweekly
  • We focus on providing effective co-occurring mental health treatment
  • We offer individualized trauma therapy
  • The treatment plan focuses on:
    • Identifying relapse triggers
    • Managing emotions
    • Developing relapse prevention plans
    • Identifying communication barriers
    • Exploring relationships
    • Identifying various coping mechanisms
    • Implementing self care into daily/weekly routine
    • Recovery Yoga and meditation
    • Mindfulness
    • Art and Music therapeutic interventions
    • Accessing social supports
    • Exploring values
    • Managing stressors in home and community

Call our admissions line TODAY, to see if our Pennsylvania outpatient drug rehab is the right decision for you!