Montco Recovery Center can help you find an Pennsylvania inpatient drug rehab setting that is right for you.


  • Inpatient drug rehabs vary in many ways so it is important to find the best one for you
  • If you are an older adult, it may be challenging to be in treatment with a younger population that has less in common with you. Finding a treatment milieu that best meets your needs is something we focus on.
  • If you are a younger adult, it may be challenging to relate to struggles that an older adult may be experiencing. We want to ensure that your experience best fits your needs and can find a treatment milieu that works for you.
  • We work with several facilities, some in suburban settings and some in rural settings. It is important to identify which treatment setting best fits your needs. Some individuals may thrive in a quieter more serene setting where others thrive in a more robust environment. We will find a suitable setting for you to maximize your experience.
  • Clinical interventions vary with facility. Different facilities specialize in relapse prevention, trauma, co-occurring mental health issues, experiential therapy, and holistic therapy. We will identify what areas you need to focus on while inpatient and match you with the facility that addresses your needs.
  • There are some facilities that are smaller and have 30-50 beds. There are others that are average in size and have 50-100 beds and there are still others that have 100-200 beds. With varying sizes, programming and amenities vary as well. We will make sure you are connected to the facility that provides you with the best treatment experience.

Call our admissions line TODAY, so we can help you navigate this process without the stress.