Aetna is one of the largest insurance providers, serving over 22 million medical members across the globe. The network has an impressive 1.2 million healthcare professionals, over 690,000 primary care doctors and over 5,700 hospitals. In light of the recent drug epidemic in our country, Aetna has adjusted its programs to offer better treatment coverage for its members. The insurance provider encourages customers to take advantage of treatment if they need it as treating addiction costs far less than dealing with the repercussions, which can include DUIs, incarceration or overdose death.

Aetna Health Insurance

Aetna health insurance products include medical, pharmacy, dental, behavioral health, group life and disability plans. The company also offers services for healthcare management, workers’ compensation administration and health information technology. Aetna’s goal is to help customers make informed choices about their care. Living healthier lives is good for everyone!

Here are a few things to know about Aetna:

  • 1 million medical members
  • 7 million dental members
  • 1 million pharmacy benefit management services members
  • Health insurance plans include medical, pharmacy and dental plans as well as Medicare, Medicaid, medical management and behavioral health
  • Aetna’s system has been updated to be easier and more convenient for customers

Aetna recognizes that no two individuals are the same. Each person is looked at individually when determining the best treatment solution. To find out what is covered under your Aetna plan, contact your insurance carrier directly or speak with an admissions coordinator from Montco Recovery Center. We can tell you what benefits you have and how much will be covered at our facility. Our admissions coordinators are compassionate and understanding, and all calls are confidential.

Types of Aetna Insurance Plans

Aetna has multiple insurance plans. You and your friend could both have Aetna insurance but be covered for very different things. How much your insurance plan will cover is dependent on the type of policy you have. Generally speaking, the more you pay each month and the smaller your deductible is, the more coverage you will get.

Here are the types of insurance plans available through Aetna:

  • Open-access plans. Open-access plans allow you to choose the doctor you want. You don’t need a referral or a primary care physician. You can go straight to a specialist rather than having to work your way through a primary care doctor. To put it simply, open-access plans combine the benefits of HMO and traditional health care coverage.
  • HMOs. HMOs tend to be more affordable than other plans because of their low deductibles and premiums. Copays are also fixed. Typically, you must designate a primary care doctor under an HMO, and referrals are required when seeing specialists.
  • PPOs. PPOs tend to be more expensive than HMOs, but you have more options. For example, you can often choose between in-network and out-of-network doctors without needing referrals. You also have set copays and coinsurance.
  • High deductible health plans. Aetna offers high deductible health plans, or HDHPs. These plans have lower premiums but higher out-of-pocket costs. A health savings account (HSA) is recommended with these plans.
  • Point of service plans. POS plans have slightly higher premiums compared to HMOs, and you’ll need a primary care doctor. The difference is that in-network and out-of-network doctors are covered. Essentially, you’re paying slightly more for flexible coverage.

Call Montco Recovery Center to learn more about the select plan you have and what services are covered. We can be reached at 215-398-1888. You can also use the tool Navigator, which is an online program that lets you view the individual details of your policy. The information provided includes coverage, claims, provider info and more. If you still need clarification, reach out to Ann, Aetna’s virtual assistant, who is always happy to answer questions!

Montco Recovery Center Proudly Accepts Aetna Insurance

Montco Recovery Center treats drug and alcohol addictions. We are well-versed in treating individuals with co-occurring disorders as well, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety or bipolar depression. With three levels of care and customized treatment plans, our clients receive the personalized care they need to succeed in their recoveries.

The first step in starting this journey is verifying your insurance with our treatment center. This way, you know what is covered and what portion will be your responsibility. If insurance only covers some treatment, there are options for the remaining balance. You can request a loan, borrow from a family member or use a credit card. Getting clean and sober will end up costing far less in the long run.

Our Three Levels of Care: PHP, IOP & General OP

Montco Recovery Center offers three levels of care. Because we do not offer inpatient programs, we’re able to control costs and make treatment more affordable. All treatment delivered is evidence-based and generally covered by insurance companies. You may be responsible for meeting your deductible and paying all copays first.

  • Partial hospitalization. Our most intense program, partial hospitalization requires addicts to commit to five hours of treatment a day, five days a week. A minimum of 20 hours a week is expected.
  • Intensive outpatient treatment. A step down from partial hospitalization, our IOP requires five hours a day, three days a week. A minimum of nine hours per week is required.
  • General outpatient treatment. Our general outpatient program offers one individual and one group counseling session each week. This program is recommended for those who have already received some treatment.

Each person is unique and will learn how to manage cravings, develop healthy coping skills, prevent relapse and more through our customized treatment programs.

Call and Verify Your Insurance Today

If you have Aetna health insurance and are in need of addiction treatment services, please contact Montco Recovery Center or your insurance provider today. Addictions can cost more than $30,000 a year – and that’s just in money! There are some things that you can’t put a value on, such as your relationships with others and your mental and physical health. A full recovery is within reach.  Montco Recovery Center is not contracted with Aetna, therefore bills Aetna for services at an out-of-network rate.