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alcohol treatment Miami

alcohol treatment Miami

Alcohol Treatment: How to Overcome Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

 Getting clean from alcohol abuse isn't easy. Individuals struggling with alcohol abuse often attempt to stop drinking, but find it difficult. There are a variety of emotional, cognitive, and social factors that contribute to alcohol addiction in the first place and more will still weigh in if the person attempts to stop the habit.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, headaches, nausea, and hallucinations are one of the main reasons that an individual will return to drinking to ease the pain of withdrawal. This symptom occurs when someone who has been drinking heavily for a prolonged amount of times either drastically reduces alcohol use or they suddenly stop. Overcoming alcohol withdrawal symptoms is one of the first steps to become alcohol-free. Don't let the fear of withdrawal symptoms prevent you from getting the right help you deserve. You can learn more about alcohol treatment options in the guide below.

Overcoming Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

 There are still some emotional, psychological, and social factors that need attention, for those with mild cases of alcoholism or those coming out of detox because the urge to drink may still be there. However, you can ultimately free yourself from addiction by exercising the healthy coping strategies below. 

1.     Eat healthy fruits and vegetables

 Alcohol can cause damage to the liver, and the organ that helps to metabolize sugar in your body. You need to balance it out with the loss of alcohol because alcohol metabolizes into sugar. Eating healthy vegetables and fruits can help you balance the sugar levels that your body needs.

2.     Take a cold shower

Cold water has all sorts of health benefits. Undergoing the treatment is said to help your body incinerate calories, and jolt your immune system. A cold shower can reset you physically if you are experiencing intense urges to relapse. Spending eight minutes under a cold shower is better than nothing.

3.     Avoid your drinking Partners

 Trying to distance yourself away from enablers and any drinking advocates that are in your life is one of the most important things to do when beating alcohol withdrawal symptoms. It's best just to let these people go out of your life during this time.

4.     Drink lots of fluids

 Drinking lots of fluids, especially with electrolytes will help to combat withdrawal symptoms. It will ward off feelings of dehydration, dizziness, fatigue, vomiting and any affliction many recovering alcoholics can suffer during withdrawal.

5.     Ride out the alcohol Craving Wave

 There will be sometime when you are tempted to have a drink. It will be helpful to think of your craving as a wave. Picture yourself riding it out instead of trying to fight the craving. Don't ride one wave and get knocked down by the next one a few minutes later.

 Getting The Right Help

 Alcohol treatment should not be attempted without the professional as symptoms can pop up and magnify very quickly. If you want to quit drinking, it's highly recommended to contact a professional care center like Summer House Detox Center to provide you with the needed support.

alcohol treatment Miami
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